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This three-week summer course provides a thorough interdisciplinary exploration of central texts and key concepts in the studies of sexuality and gender in the social sciences.
Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Full Degree
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Graduate Certificate

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Sexuality and gender define what it is to be human: they are at the core of our existence. But how does society define and reinforce these concepts?

In this summer school, we will study how these concepts impact our relationships within society, and the different theoretical perspectives that have been developed to study their role in social and familial relationships. Students will be equipped with analytical tools to study these themes critically and reflexively, and in interaction with other social distinctions, such as religion, social class and nationality, within the setting of an international classroom.


This three-week course explores the historical, cultural, political, and economic dimensions of sexual norms and behaviors. 
It examines the history of sexuality studies as an emerging discipline in the 19 th Century, tracing its development from essentialism to constructivism, as well as the basic concepts of sexuality and gender. Both historical and socio-cultural boundaries of sexual norms and behaviors will be explored, as well as the construction of normativities, such as heterosexuality.

Attention will be given to the ways in which sexuality has been framed in past and current theoretical frameworks and to the growing movement which advocates for sexual empowerment and sexual rights. The intersection of the discourse on sex work with the discourse on human trafficking and the tensions between sexual pleasure and sexual abuse will be explored by looking at concepts such as sexual empowerment and sexual citizenship. Also the intersections with other relations of power, such as ethnicity, class and migrant status will be discussed.

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The University of Amsterdam is a renowned modern institution with a long and rich history and is one of Europe's most prominent research-led universities.
1575 EUR. The tuition fee includes a transportation card, lunch on class days, all excursions and site visits, welcome and farewell events.

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The University of Amsterdam
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