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The Master’s Degree in Modern and Contemporary Asian Art provides students with critical tools for understanding the growing field of Asian art.
London, United Kingdom
Program Type:
Full Degree
Degree Level:
Asian Studies

Program Overview

Program Description:

Develop a theoretical and empirical grounding in Asian art through the examination of its key developments, major artistic figures, and its rising profile in the global art market.

The Master’s degree in Modern and Contemporary Asian Art provides students with critical tools for understanding Asian art – a growing field with increasing significance in the international art market. The program examines how Asian art has developed in the modern and contemporary period in relation to its complex historical backdrop. Students are exposed to Asian artists and art production both within Asia and in the extensive Asian art diaspora around the globe. The program equips graduates with expertise for application in the professional art sphere – from museums and art fairs to public and private art institutions worldwide. Graduates take up a range of positions in galleries, art fairs, museums, and auction houses, working in major cultural centers around the world. Graduates may also embark on doctoral studies for deeper specialization toward an academic career or a museum curatorship.

This program will be delivered online in January and February 2021 with in-person studies commencing in March 2021, as public health advice allows.

Academic Structure

The MA in Modern and Contemporary Asian Art prepares students to specialize in the diverse and exciting field of Asian art. Graduates of this program will contribute to a growing area of expertise in the international art world where Asia and Asian art plays an increasingly significant role. The program is designed for students who wish to gain an in-depth understanding of modern and contemporary art from Asia and who intend to pursue careers in this growing and dynamic field. Its approach is a combination of rigorous academic study along with continuous professional development through direct exposure to artworks, artists and Asian art specialists working in the international art world.

The Master’s degree is awarded for 120 taught credits across two semesters, as well as the completion of a 60-credit dissertation over the course of an additional semester. The program is of twelve months’ duration and runs from January 2021 through December 2021.

The first two semesters are intensively taught. In the first semester, Navigating the Art World (30 Credits) brings students from all MAs together for an introduction to the art world and to a variety of postgraduate research skills and methodologies within the disciplines of art history and art business. Later in the program, specialist electives can be chosen from across all Institute Master’s programs, allowing a student to build a personalized Master’s profile. Students take two 15-credit electives across a variety of offerings for deeper expertise or to develop specialties. Core units (60 credits) for the Modern and Contemporary Asian Art degree include Modern Asian Art and Contemporary Asian Art.

For the MA degree, students must complete the 60-credit dissertation in their third semester. During this final semester there is no formal teaching, with students researching their dissertation topics under the guidance of individual supervisors. At the start of the program, students are allocated a personal tutor who supports their academic and personal development throughout.

Additional Program Information

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