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Prepares for careers as managers, analysts, consultants and policy advisors in government and public sector institutions.
Milan, Italy
Program Type:
Full Degree
Degree Level:
Public Administration

Program Overview

Program Description:
The Master of Public Management (MPM) offered by SDA Bocconi is a graduate degree taught in the English language to graduate students worldwide. The MPM prepares individuals for careers as managers, analysts, consultants and policy advisors in government institutions, agencies and other organizations closely associated with the public sector. MPM students will develop theoretical practical public management knowledge and skills in a framework that integrates applied public management subjects (strategic management, organization, marketing, etc.) with other relevant disciplines (economics, public policy, law and quantitative methods), in an international perspective. Though an itinerary comprising 10 months of class activities and a final internship, each participants will: * become familiar with relevant subjects concerning public organizations, international institutions, NGOs; * achieve substantial competencies in the management of public, public-related and international organizations; * gain experience in applying qualitative and quantitative methods to promote and manage change at an organizational and policy level; * understand the political, economic and social context of public management from an international perspective; * use management and governance tools to support the design, implementation and evaluation of public policies; * develop the leadership and problem solving skills required to work in a complex professional, multicultural environment. Contents MPM is an intensive, full time program lasting 9 months plus a compulsory internship period (at least 3 months), beginning on September 2013. The course structure is comprised of four different residential parts: PUBLIC COLLOQUIM (September 2013) This is an introductory course, which has three objectives: - to orient incoming students to the MPM program and to Bocconi University; - to give students a sense of the scope and nature of skills and attributes required of public managers and MPM participants; - to provide students with effective skills in the art of diversity management, teambuilding and professional document writing through some interactive workshops. CORE COURSES (September 2013 - May 2014) Each student is required to take the MPM core courses, which are offered throughout the program. * First Term - Fundamentals of Public Management (September - December 2013) - Public Sector Basics: Aims, Tasks, Structures and Management - Quantitative Methods - Public Economics - Organizational Behaviour in Public Institutions - Financial Accounting for Public Institutions - Strategic Management of Public Institutions - Linking Human Rights to Development: The Critical Role of Local Governance *Second Term - Management and Governance of Public Services and Policies (January - April 2014) - Management of NGO's - Law and Public Management - Organization and Human Resource Management in Public Institutions - Performance Measurement and Management of Public and Not for Profit Institutions - Marketing and Communication in the Public Sector - E-government Strategies Third Term - Perspectives (April - May 2014) - Microeconomics of Competitiveness - in affiliation with Harvard Business School SPECIALIZATION (April - May 2014) The Specializations are taken during the third term. Students have to choose one Specialization among the following: *Cooperation and Development *International Business-Government Relations *Management of International Organizations and NGOs INTERSHIP Min. 3 months from June 2014 After the completion of MPM class activities, students are expected to use their skills in a real setting. As such, students will undertake a field project in a public or public-related organization. Internships give participants the opportunity to tackle actual management problems in a real organization. Students are asked to generate professional value for the hosting institution, receiving in exchange a valuable learning experience. Internships are carried out over a period of at least 3 months and involve a full-time commitment. During this period, each student is supervised by one MPM faculty member. Internships may be carried out in any country. Potential hosting institutions are: - supranational and international institutions; - national, regional and local government institutions, agencies and companies involved into the delivery of public services; - NPOs and NGOs; - research centers; - consultancy companies.

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Financial Aid:
* Degree in any discipline * 3 years of work experience (preferred but not essential) * English language proficiency (TOEFL, IELTS or others) * Admissions Tests (GMAT or GRE)