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A 12-month full-time international Program aimed at the culture of result oriented creativity and awareness of the Beautiful
Milan, Italy
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Full Degree
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Fashion, Retail & Merchandising

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Program Description:
A 12-month full-time and full-immersion international Program aimed at the culture of result oriented creativity, which implies coping with the unlimited imagination of creative people, your awareness of the beautiful and original, and the constraints of timing and the fickleness of consumers. START DATE: January 2014 CONTENTS The structure is strongly cross-disciplinary. SDA Bocconi's strong partnership with business communities ensures the perfect blend of art, craft and science that is the essence of fashion and design. The MAFED program consists of: general management courses, specialized courses on Fashion, Design & Experience Management, field projects and advanced seminars. Students without a business background may attend pre-courses before the beginning of the program. After completing the program, students will possess a solid understanding of business planning, marketing and control tools and be able to apply advanced product, brand and retail management techniques within a fast-moving and global business environment. PRE-COURSES - November For those who do not have a business background the Master starts in November: with Pre-courses, establishing and creating a common managerial platform among participants. *Business Administration *Accounting and Control System Management *Quantitative Methods All partecipants, including those who did not attend Pre-courses, are required to take the Pre-courses exams at the beginning of the Program. GENERAL MANAGEMENT – From January Gaining managerial tools, method and concepts with a specific focus on fashion and design-based compagnie. *Financial Reporting and Analysis *Management Control Systems *Marketing Management *Corporate Finance *Business Policy *Data Analysis for Marketing Research *Organization Design and Human Resources Management *Business Plan SPECIALIZED COURSES: FASHION, DESIGN & EXPERIENCE MANAGEMENT - January - November Understanding the key managerial processes in compagnie where fashion, design and experience are the product/value. *History and Industry Analysis *Management in Symbol Intensive Companies *Management in Design-Based Companies *Merchandising and Buying *Operations & Supply Chain Management *Sales & Retail Management *International Business *Communication Management *Management of Creativity *Advanced Brand Management *Advanced Retail Management FIELD PROJECTS June - November Apply classroom learning to complex business challenges SEMINARS Going into the details, exploring advanced themes, getting ready to deal with them. *The Italian and the French Fashion and Luxury System in comparison (Study tour in Paris) *The Italian and the Spanish Fashion System in comparison (Study tour in Madrid) *Understanding the BRICS (in collaboration with SDA Bocconi China Lab) *Monitor Moda (Understanding Financial Communication) *Advanced Techniques in Project Management

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Financial Aid:
• International profile with 2 years of professional experience • University degree in any discipline or equivalent level qualification recognised by SDA Bocconi University, candidates from disciplines other than business administration have to attend the pre-courses, from November to December • GMAT • TOEFL/IELTS