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MBA Program Objectives The Master of Business Administration program is designed to provide knowledge and skills needed to become an effective manager in a variety of organizational settings. It is a broad-based career-advancement degree rather than a te
Zurich, Switzerland
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What sets our Executive MBA Programs apart from others? We have a winning combination of features: world-class faculty, accomplished students, and we view learning as an ongoing, interactive experience that keeps individuals achieving throughout their lifetimes. Our Executive MBA students gain analytical and leadership skills that help their organizations compete more effectively in a rapidly changing business environment. As a result, they have the confidence to push conventional boundaries, test new methods, and implement innovative solutions. They know when to take risks and how to capitalize on opportunities. Almost immediately from the time they begin our programs, participants, and their sponsoring firms, realize a strong return on investment. An organization's effectiveness depends on the strength of its leaders. They provide direction, inspiration, and the vision to drive performance and impact the bottom line. Not surprisingly then, the leadership development of talented professionals is a priority for companies across the globe. Part of this development is acquiring a sophisticated tool set: finely honed communication, teamwork, and quantitative skills. Even more important, though, is cultivating a new way of thinking, approaching challenges and getting results. That's exactly what takes place in SBS's Executive MBA programs for experienced working professionals. Both allow you to earn your degree in just 18 months. You can join at the start of any term as the program is ongoing. The participants meet once a week on Saturday. Fully accredited, the program connects students with a lifelong network of outstanding peers.

MBA Program Objectives The Master of Business Administration program is designed to provide knowledge and skills needed to become an effective manager in a variety of organizational settings. It is a broad-based career-advancement degree rather than a technical training for a particular job within an organization. The broad goal of the program is to provide students with in-depth knowledge and competencies that support their further career development. The MBA learning outcomes are: ¦ Apply instrumental tools for decision-making in the business world that increase the understanding of complex business issues and problems ¦ Apply organizational skills for effective policy implementation ¦ The ability to use leadership, teamwork and supervision skills ¦ The skills of effective oral and written communication, presentation and critical thinking ¦ An understanding of how to use technology as a tool of effective management ¦ The ability for ethical decision-making ¦ The ability to function effectively in a diverse and global business environment

Executive MBA Class Profile SBS's Executive MBA students are accomplished professionals with an intense desire to learn and to succeed. They come from widely diverse functional backgrounds, industries, and geographic areas. Our students represent multinational and Swiss companies, small businesses, private firms and government organizations. This diversity allows insightful, stimulating discussions and debates. The program follows a modular class system. This means you attend courses with the same classmates for the duration of the program. This program format facilitates interaction and collaboration. Each class develops its own personality and becomes part of our community, as well as our worldwide network of alumni. In addition, you'll be assigned to study groups with different backgrounds and functional strengths. Together, you'll relate classroom material to your personal experiences of business practice, using each other as a sounding board for ideas and perspectives. Our Executive MBA students form friendships and business relationships that continue long after they complete the programs.
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Admission Requirements ¦Candidates seeking admission to the Executive MBA program should hold a Bachelor's degree or equivalent. ¦ All Executive MBA candidates must have a sound command of English language, spoken and written. ¦ Students who graduated from a University within the United States are required to provide a GMAT score (GMAT code: 7088). ¦ Students who graduated from a University outside of the United States are required to take the internal entrance exam of SBS Swiss Business School. ¦ The final decision concerning the acceptance in the Executive MBA degree program rests with SBS Swiss Business School.
Total fee: 35,650 CHF All fees include material and VAT, amounts are stated in the local currency of Swiss Francs (CHF).

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