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This programme’s objective is to integrate world-class research with business practice.
Exmouth, United Kingdom
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Full Degree
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Business Administration & Management

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Program Description:
This programme’s objective is to integrate world-class research with business practice. Its design integrates business management with enterprise, technology and innovation. The mode of delivery blends Western management theories and practice with an understanding of Eastern philosophy. The programme provokes you to think strategically, flexibly and critically on live projects. It nurtures your growth as you develop into a responsible and engaged global leader. Over the year it would inspire your use of technology and motivate you to become more innovative and entrepreneurial. The programme is designed to make you a complete and well-equipped manager. First it trains you to be a reflective manager encouraging you to view global business environments through your personal experience. You will also be encouraged to acquire analytical skills, preparing you for strategic challenges and contemporary issues in business, and helping you to advance your individual career goals by offering a range of electives including modules such as doing business in China. Finally, the programme culminates in producing a business project of your choice. Programme content • Stage 1: Reflective managers • Stage 2: Analytical managers • Stage 3: Practising managers • Stage 4: International knowledge • Stage 5: Business project

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Financial Aid:
A second-class honours degree or above from a UK university or equivalent. In addition, you will normally have a minimum of three years of relevant work experience.