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This is a research-based doctoral degree that will expose participants to an intellectually rigorous programme of study.
Exmouth, United Kingdom
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Full Degree
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Business Administration & Management

Program Overview

Program Description:
This is a research-based doctoral degree that will expose participants to an intellectually rigorous programme of study. It is designed to enable participants to synthesise and develop professional practice, theoretical understanding and reflexive capability. The Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) programme provides the basis for candidates to undertake an individual research project through the synthesis of practical experience and theoretical frameworks. Through the DBA and the interaction between theory and practice, individual understanding is enhanced and practical solutions for organisational difficulties may be established. The interaction between theory and practice through precise methodological approaches gives individuals and organisations new perspectives that add value in terms of effectiveness, efficiency and capability. Initially there is an emphasis on close direction through workshops, presentations and written papers. On the basis of the written papers and a research proposal the second phase involves the completion of a thesis. Individual tuition and supervision will be available for the duration of the programme. Candidates bring their own practical expertise to the programme; consequently the tuition and supervision concentrate on areas new to candidates. Candidates will be expected to concentrate on an issue directly related to their workplace; such a project could take the form of solving a problem or identifying new operational procedures. Before the thesis is started the area of research will be agreed by the University, individual student and any other participating organisations. Programme content • Induction and introduction to doctoral research • Reflective practice, reflexivity and participatory research • Identifying and explaining theory • History and philosophy of business and the social sciences • Understanding paradigms of inquiry • Developing methodological approaches and dealing with methods • Research proposal and thesis

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Entry criteria will reflect the status of the programme and include workplace experience as well as previous qualifications. All candidates will be interviewed and their capability to undertake the taught part of the programme established.