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Write features that stand out from the crowd - be reporter, photographer and editor in one!
Nottingham, United Kingdom
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Study Abroad
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You will start this course by learning how to research and write features in the context of the UK magazine industry. You will study magazine layout and format and learn how to apply pictures, colours and headlines effectively. You will gain an appreciation of the different styles of writing that editors in the UK are looking for, learn how to interview effectively, and how to write in different styles for different markets.

Phones and tablets are reaching out to worldwide audiences at the touch of a button - and inviting people to interact. As the course develops, you will learn how reporters are using current mobile technology to create work that is distributed instantaneously with a lifespan longer than print or TV.

Throughout the course, you will undertake journalism projects that reflect your time in Nottingham, getting your work online for everyone to see and creating stories that are not just impactful but also show editorial control and reflect balance, fairness and quality. You will learn how to find, evaluate and manage information, how to combine text and images in cohesive, eye-catching ways, and how to create reports to add to your portfolio.

By the end of the two weeks, you will have a good understanding of magazine and mobile journalism techniques, a basic understanding of the different writing styles for different applications, and will have studied print and online layouts and formats.

You will have also gained an understanding of the journalism industry in the UK, and be able to plan, design and execute research.

On this course you will study in our Centre for Broadcast and Journalism, an award-winning education resource that provides practical training in news journalism across print, digital, radio and television.

This course is ideal if you are interested in journalism, media or communications, and have the required English language skills.

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£1100 GBP. £990 early payment discount

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This course is ideal if you are interested in journalism, media or communications, and have the required English language skills.