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Explore the rich and varied history of architecture in England, and how it has been used in storytelling and scene setting.
Nottingham, United Kingdom
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Study Abroad
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Nottingham is a vibrant city with unique examples of architecture from the past 1,000 years. It is surrounded by countryside, villages and castles that represent some of England’s best examples of building and town planning. Robin Hood, Sherwood Forest, Nottingham Castle, Civil War and Industrial Revolution – Nottingham is the ideal place to learn about the history of architecture through social, political and technological change.

In the first part of the course, you will develop a personal project exploring how historic buildings are being used today. You will create a written report and visual presentation that demonstrates how you would develop one of the buildings to attract new audiences.

During the second week, you will capture the city through a lens, and be introduced to the ideas of architecture in film as a narrative device and scene setter. Nottingham has provided memorable architectural backdrops for films such as Batman: The Dark Knight Rises, and the work of local director Shane Meadows.

You will explore the cityscape, and see how it can set tone and emotion. Working in small groups, you will explore locations and document the environments through photography and the moving image. You will use simple, free editing tools, and look at filming techniques and approaches in cinema.

By the end of the course, you will have developed your ideas and methods, and created original visual material, taking inspiration from the city around you.

“I enjoyed the creative freedom of the course the most because it gave me the chance to showcase my own ideas.”

You should have an interest in architecture and design, and have the required English language skills.

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You should have an interest in architecture and design, and have the required English language skills.