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The aim of the programme is to train analytically thinking economics specialists, able professionally and systematically apply methods of economic analysis and financial management in permanently changing global environment.
Vilnius, Lithuania
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Full Degree
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Have you ever imagined economy as a game playing? How does economy work when the key resource is information? What are the prices if replication costs are close to zero? Is universal digital trading platform an ideal market place, or maybe it is a new monopoly subject to regulation? Are economists needed in the coming age of artificial intelligence?

If any of the above questions inspires you, then consider Digital Economy for your bachelor studies.

Students of the program will be trained in maths and statistics, explore the nodes of Network Economy, browse through E-business and E-commerce, get insight into Fintech Sector, take an optional course in Digital Marketing or Fundamentals of Cyber-Security.

After the completion of the program students will get vast opportunities for employment in traditional and digital economy whether in private or public sector as an economist, analyst, consultant, manager, intermediation specialist.

2704 EUR. Tuition fees for academic year 2022-2023 will be confirmed in May, 2022 after the normative fees are set by the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport of the Republic of Lithuania. The fees will not change for those who submitted the application and paid the application fee prior to the decision of the Ministry.

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All MRU programmes are accredited by the Centre for Qality Assesment in Higher Education.
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