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Areas of business studies are covered on an advanced level, preparing the students for broad responsibilities in a future career
Leuven, Belgium
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Full Degree
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Building on the knowledge acquired in the initial master degree, which includes the basis of all functional areas in business economics, the comprehension and skills of the participants are extended. Areas of business studies are covered on an advanced level, hereby preparing the students for assuming broad responsibilities in a future career. A set of advanced level courses provides an integrated perspective on operating and functioning in an ever more complex business environment. Students need to choose between to the management major and the research business methodology major. The latter focuses on the use of scientific methodology (advanced statistical methods, optimisation and econometrics) for applications to real business problems in different disciplines of management. The key characteristics of the knowledge delivered at the end of the program are: the ability to make optimal management decisions, through specification and estimation of relationships between different variables of a management problem, and by integrating several functional disciplines. The required skills reflect the ability to specify structure and solve complex business problems. The Master proof at the enc of the training reflects the capability to solve any kind of management problem using scientific methodology and evoking business research.

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