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This is a non-technical programme emphasising the application and management of business information technology.
Leuven, Belgium
Program Type:
Full Degree
Degree Level:
Business Information Systems

Program Overview

Program Description:
This programme offers students with a Bachelor's or Master's degree advanced non-technical training in information management, with an emphasis on the efficient and effective application and management of information technology in various business contexts (e.g. finance, marketing, HR, production and logistics, etc.). Following basic training in technology, the programme explores specific management issues in greater depth, particularly in order to develop the skills required to analyse information needs, design and manage information systems and fine-tune an IT strategy as an integral part of an overall business strategy. The key focus is the preliminary design needed to develop and set up an information system. In completing your Master's thesis, you can apply these skills within a specific business context. Finally, a wide range of electives enables you to either explore specific areas in greater depth or gain a broader understanding through a multidisciplinary approach. This is an initial Master's programme.

Additional Program Information

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International Requirements:
The programme is accessible to applicants with a Bachelor's or Master's degree awarded by a university and providing a basic background in information technology (e.g. office applications, basics of database management, basics of computer hardware, basic knowledge of modelling, #) and a sound background in mathematics and statistics. Admissibility is evaluated by the Admissions Board on the basis of information provided by the applicant.