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Provides professional development for students interested in education and seeking to pursue a management career in education.
Leuven, Belgium
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Full Degree
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Education Leadership & Administration

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This theoretically oriented programme aims to provide professional development for students interested in education and, in particular, for those seeking to pursue a management career in an educational (policy) institution. By focusing on one or more subfields of educational studies, students acquire in-depth knowledge of educational processes, policy, innovation, and research. The programme involves individual assignments, as well as research seminars, led by experienced scholars, who offer insights into basic theories and recent developments in the field. Practical teacher training is not included in the programme. By the end of the program you will have acquired: * fundamental insight into a scholarly approach to educational models and the relationships between them; presuppositions that influence thought about individuals and society; methodology directed to defining, situating, and resolving pedagogical problems, ethical aspects of academic and professional practice; relevant developments in research and in the field; * skills in the analysis of practical and theoretical problems from the perspective of educational pedagogy; setting up, executing and evaluating scholarly research; use and/or design of instruments for the optimisation of situations in practical situations; critical reflection on the content of practical interventions; linking theoretical concepts to practical acts; guiding and developing innovations; * specific knowledge and skills at the level of educational and school policy; school leadership and management; innovation in education, educational didactics; instructional psychology and technology, including teaching, professional and continuing education, advice on education in the family, etc.

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