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Our DSSB master program invites students to our international campus to approach the dynamic field of digital data and digitalization from social, business, engineering and natural science perspectives.
Bremen, Germany
Program Type:
Full Degree
Degree Level:
Business Information Systems

Program Overview

Program Description:

The 2-year master program Data Science for Society and Business (DSSB) is a highly selective program for students of business and social sciences aiming to become data science experts. The program is also of high interest to students with backgrounds in health and environmental sciences aiming to expand into big data analytics, data-driven and computational social science, based on their strong quantitative background.

During two exciting years, graduates gain cutting edge competences, tools and methods to discuss, model, predict and solve the pressing challenges of digital societies, modern organizations and competitive businesses.

The truly multidisciplinary program combines a broad course offering from multiple social and data science disciplines with 3 elective tracks to allow for individual diversity and further specialization. With a focus on high employability, DSSB graduates are best prepared for quickly growing, global professional and academic career options resulting from digitization.

€ 20.000 EUR.

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Financial Aid:
Scholarships Description:
All students are considered for an academic achievement scholarship based on their bachelor grade point average (GPA). € 12.000 (Maximum scholarship amount irrespective of nationality).