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The aim of the course is to train designers capable of understanding and managing the dynamics behind environmental strategies.
Milan, Italy
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Full Degree
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The aim of Master course is to train designers capable of understanding and managing the dynamics behind environmental strategies and transforming the need to address the problem of energy consumption in buildings as a creative opportunity. A professional who can combine architectural design competence with the technical knowledge required to come up with a sustainable project. Target The course is specifically tailored for graduates in Architecture and Civil Engineering. Description An introductory part of the Master Course will be set aside to provide an insight into the awareness and culture on which sustainability is based, presenting the different contexts in which it can be applied, retracing the history of the exploitation of renewable resources right up to an overview of current transnational energy policies. From a socio-scientific point of view the relationship between economics and ecology will be explored alongside the one between the climate and developable energy policies, by addressing issues such as Housing Evolution and the Green Economy. Lessons and courses will specifically look into design methods, how continuous research and analysis can be fostered, the different representation (sketching, 3D modelling, rendering) and simulation techniques (Ecotec, Radiance), how the project can be communicated and the evaluation of innovative materials and production technologies. Technical and cultural materials will then be brought together and used in practical applications in order to provide a complete training experience ideally suited to fulfil the requirements of the workplace.

Additional Program Information

The Istituto Europeo di Design, located in Italy, allows students to study for a Bachelor of Arts degree. The students that successfully complete the 3-year course obtain the Diploma Accademico di I Livello, which is legally recognized by the MIUR (Ministry of Education, University and Research) in the category of High Artistic Training (Ministerial Decree 10 December 2010 n. 292).