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The communication professional can work in the Fashion field as Fashion Stylist or Fashion PR.
Milan, Italy
Program Type:
Full Degree
Degree Level:
Fashion, Retail & Merchandising

Program Overview

Program Description:
Starting from a deep knowledge of the fashion system at cultural, historical, sociological and economic level, the communication professional has to have a good command of the trends of a specific market economy, to be able to develop new information techniques and to manage communication processes linked to the “fashion” phenomenon (publishing, styling, web, new media, advertising, fashion show and events). Target The Master is addressed to Italian and foreign graduates in Fashion, Communication, Marketing, or to those with diplomas from university -level-schools of the same fields as well as to professionals working in the fashion field with a minimum of two years experience. Description After a first step dealing with subjects linked to economics, marketing, communication, analysis of the visual language and of the trend dynamism in the fashion field and in the related contemporary culture, the Master Course in Fashion Communication Stylist and PR develops the most important communication processes of the field: from the structure and the activity of a press office, to the fashion show as a moment of visibility and strengthening of a brand identity up to the publishing and the specialized exhibitions; from the Web to the development of the media and of the expression forms linked to them (photography, music and video). The Master Course in Fashion Communication Stylist and PR gives the chance to choose between two specialization pathways. During the Fashion Stylist specialization course, the student develops the most interesting areas of the stylist activity: from the structure of a photographic set - and how it works - to the iconographic research up to the couture and textile technology concepts; from the web to the development of the media and of the expression forms linked to them (the story of fashion photography, music and video). The design objective consists in the realization of shootings that allow students to “gain experience” by concretely using the theoretical knowledge and the technical tools they learnt. The shooting realization will be focused on menswear, womenswear and still life. During the Fashion PR course, the student will deeply analyze the evolution of the communication media and of their strategies. Three skills will be improved: a relation one aimed at developing the techniques required to work in the public relation field and press offices and to organize events; a publishing one aimed at analyzing the communication with reference to publishing of the non-broadcast media, the Web and the television; and, in the end, a managerial one. “Communicating fashion” means being able to create and manage integrated communication strategies; to realize advertising campaigns; to manage the relationships with media and operators working in the field; to plan events and fashion shows, but also to work out plans for the launching of a product, a designer item or a brand. The success of companies competing in the increasingly complex and competitive Fashion System often depends on the Press Agency and Public Relation activities, on fashion journalists working for non-broadcast media, on TV or Web, as well as on critics and cool hunters.

Additional Program Information

The Istituto Europeo di Design, located in Italy, allows students to study for a Bachelor of Arts degree. The students that successfully complete the 3-year course obtain the Diploma Accademico di I Livello, which is legally recognized by the MIUR (Ministry of Education, University and Research) in the category of High Artistic Training (Ministerial Decree 10 December 2010 n. 292)