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Control Systems PhD curriculum
Lucca, Italy
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Full Degree
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Computer Science

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Program Description:
Applications are now being accepted for PhD students in Control Systems for the 2014/15 PhD program at IMT Institute for Advanced Studies Lucca. The Control Systems curriculum, which is one of the 8 field-specific yet highly integrated curricula that make up the doctoral program, is oriented towards model-based control of dynamical systems and decision-making algorithms, including embedded optimization algorithms for control and management of stochastic, networked, and large-scale dynamical systems. Among the multidisciplinary research units at IMT, the research unit DYSCO (Dynamical Systems, Control, and Optimization, will be the primary contributor to the curriculum. During the three year program, the research skills in model-based control and optimization of dynamical systems taught enable students to conceive novel theories and algorithms. Students also learn professional skills for designing, simulating, and deploying control systems in a variety of application areas, such as smart grids and energy markets, finance, automotive and aerospace systems, water network management, industrial processes, and many others. Graduates from the curriculum will be qualified to work in universities, public and industrial research centers, and to take on professional roles and high-profile tasks and responsibilities in both private companies and public institutions. All students are based in brand-new San Francesco complex, a fully integrated campus in the historical center of the beautiful Tuscan city of Lucca. The campus includes residential facilities, including an on-site canteen, study and living rooms, and outdoor recreational spaces, all serving to add a cultural and social dimension to the professional experience of the doctoral program. Eligible students will also receive a research scholarship which amounts to approximately €13,600/year. The PhD program at IMT attracts students from around the world, providing a truly international environment. English is the official language of the Institute. To further enhance the internationality of the program, all students have the opportunity to spend anywhere from 2-9 months abroad at a research institute or university, with the possibility of receiving additional financing through the Erasmus+ program. To find out more about the institute, the requirements for admission and how to apply, please see our website. You can also sign up for our free interactive webinar scheduled for June 11th 2014. The deadline for applications is July 14th 2014, 6 pm Italian time. Find IMT on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube for the latest news.

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IMT Lucca is a public graduate school fully embedded within the Italian higher education system.
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