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Computer Science PhD curriculum

Lucca, Italy
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Full Degree
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Computer Science

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The Institute for Advanced Studies IMT Lucca - Italy announces multiple PhD scholarships (appx. €13,600/year), that also include accommodation and full board. Deadline for application is July 14th, 2014 at 18:00 Italian time. IMT Lucca (Italy) is a research university within the Italian public higher education system. IMT's mission is to establish itself as a research center that promotes cutting-edge research in key areas, structuring its PhD program in close connection with research, to attract top students, researchers and scholars through competitive international selections, and to contribute to technological innovation, economic growth and social development. The three year doctoral program, which is taught entirely in English, is articulated in curricula. The 8 curricula currently offered are field-specific, although in many instances they share a common scientific background. The curriculum in Computer Science is coordinated by Rocco De Nicola and focuses on key aspects of current research in the theory and applications of informatics, such as open-endedness, autonomy, security, concurrency, cost-effectiveness, quality of services, and dependability. The main goal of the curriculum is to develop models, algorithms, and verification methods for modern distributed systems. The doctoral students enrolled in this curriculum will carry out cutting-edge research on the fundamentals and applications of architectures and languages for modern distributed systems, including global and cloud computing systems, web systems and services, and mobile systems. They will also acquire professional skills in the application of computer technologies to massively distributed systems, working in close collaboration with the SysMA research unit of IMT. Graduates from the curriculum are qualified to work in universities, public and industrial research centers, and to take on professional roles and high-profile tasks and responsibilities in both private companies and public institutions. PhD students, besides receiving a research scholarship, are offered on-campus housing on a newly restored and fully integrated San Francesco Complex in the historical center of the beautiful Tuscan city of Lucca, and daily access to the canteen. Students also get the opportunity to spend research periods abroad during the program, with the possibility of receiving additional financing through the Erasmus+ program. Please note that students who are expected to obtain the required degree by October 31, 2014 will also be considered; they must still apply by July 14. Further details, along with online the application form, can be found on our website. Be sure to sign up for our free interactive webinar scheduled for June 11th 2014.

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IMT Lucca is a public graduate school fully embedded within the Italian higher education system.
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