Barcelona, Spain
Program Type:
Full Degree
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Hospitality Management

Program Overview

Program Description:

Today’s business world may be described as a variable environment: an unstable scenario that swiftly changes. Uncertainty is high, product life is increasingly shorter and everything hangs on the customer’s decision. Within this fluctuating environment in which both the market and businesses are globalised and borderless, constant change has become a need, and it is indeed within this context that the OFFICIAL MASTER’S DEGREE IN HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT (MODHIR) – WITH SPECIALISATION IN HOTEL BUSINESS MANAGEMENT - takes on special relevance

Within this global framework, the hospitality trade is one of the sectors that has shown the highest growth in recent years, and tourism is becoming consolidated as the world’s leading economic activity. Yet this does not mean we no longer have to adapt our professionals to a market in a state of ongoing development. This circumstance prompts us to adopt new techniques for analysing and using information when designing and redefining the services demanded of us, and to apply management styles and techniques that help us to adjust our products and services to this changing market.
Such huge growth in the hospitality offer is contributing to the building of a highly competitive market in which uniqueness and optimum management are becoming ever more crucial to survival (having well-defined, differentiated products that base their strategy on a good marketing plan, optimised human and material resource management, process control, good budget management and so on.
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