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The MAE-Coaching program emphasizes performance, philosophy and leadership.
Greenville, United States
Program Type:
Full Degree
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Physical & Coaching Education

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Program Description:
Coaches have a unique opportunity to mentor young people and impart valuable life skills, but it can be difficult to manage the demands of a coaching job. How do I increase player motivation and performance? How do I balance coaching expectations and sports administration? What's the best way to communicate with staff and parents? The MAE-Coaching program emphasizes performance, philosophy and leadership. Our courses will help you: Examine sports performance techniques Develop effective scouting procedures Conduct efficient practice sessions Utilize game management strategies Improve administrative planning and implementation Reflect on your personal coaching philosophy Integrate faith while teaching skill and competition

Additional Program Information

The College has been accredited since 1947 by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools as an institution granting the bachelor's degree, and since 1996 granting the master's degree. Since 1974-75 the Illinois State Teacher Certification Board has approved the teacher education program. Institutional membership is held in the American Council on Education, the Association of American Colleges, the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities, the Federation of Illinois Independent Colleges and Universities, the National Commission of Education, and other professional organizations. It is one of the colleges approved officially by the Free Methodist Church of North America, and is recommended to any members who want to pursue Christian higher education.
A bachelor's degree from an accredited undergraduate institution. Be an active coach (employed or actively volunteering) or have at least one year of experience, giving you the important knowledge needed to construct your research project. A minimum grade point average of at least 3.0/4.0 in the last 60 credits hours of undergraduate work. Complete and submit the program application with a $30 application fee. Submit an up-to-date resume. Submit two letters of recommendation. Complete and submit a writing sample based on the following prompt: Please provide an overview of your coaching or sports administration experience in your school (or your involvement in a charity, not-for-profit, church or sports organization) and identify one or two coaching or organization challenges significant enough to be the focus of your research project. (1,000 word minimum.)