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Friend's Global MBA program now offers concentrations in several different areas of business.
Wichita, United States
Program Type:
Full Degree
Degree Level:
International Business

Program Overview

Program Description:
The Global MBA provides a unique mix of academic courses, professional contacts and personal development experiences. It also helps to develop expertise in international business practices, and enhance competency in decision-making and cross-cultural communication and negotiations. The program is committed to teaching major competencies in leadership, ethics and complex business skills required for gaining a sustainable competitive advantage in a global business environment. The Global MBA is a case study based program that lays the foundation for the business residency abroad. It includes concentrations in Accounting, Business Law, MIS, Supply Chain Management and Logistics, Change Management, and Health Care. During the last course in the program, students will participate in a short-term study abroad experience traveling to a foreign country for 5-7 days as a group to experience working in a practical business environment at the international level. Supervised by the program director and a faculty member, the study abroad experience presents a valuable opportunity to benchmark results of student academic research against a real life global business environment. The Special Project allows students to compare concepts of global supply chain, business negotiations, managerial decision making, ethics, and many others learned in the master's program, with their implementation in a foreign company thus preparing students to be efficient and competitive in the global market.

Additional Program Information

Friends Global MBA program is accredited by ACBSP
Financial Aid:
You must have a cumulative 2.75 GPA from an accredited school.