Forum-Nexus Study Abroad is a program provider with 29 years of experience offering exciting multi-country summer programs for students from around the world. With over 3,400 alumni, Forum-Nexus programs are a unique option for students who want to visit multiple destinations in Europe and/or Asia, all in one summer, while earning credits toward their degree and having a life-changing experience!

In summer 2019, choose from one of the following Forum-Nexus Study Abroad programs:

Summer in Europe: 9 Cities in 1 Month

Spain, France, Switzerland, Italy, and Greece

Summer in Asia: 4 Cities in 3.5 Weeks

Japan, Hong Kong, and Thailand

Summer in Europe + Asia: 14 Cities in 2 Months

Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Spain, France, Switzerland, Italy, and Greece

Learn more about the various academic concentrations and tracks in each Forum-Nexus program using the links below:

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