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The reCity is designed for the city regeneration, based on improving the beneficiaries’ competences necessary to be key actors
Catanzaro, Italy
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Full Degree
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Growing population, immigration, uncontrolled urbanisation, pollution, mono-functional areas abandoned, heritage threatened, urge new solutions posing monumental challenges in terms of housing, transport, energy, environment, health and social inclusion. It becomes crucial a regeneration of the city. This is the issue addressed in the world-class Erasmus Mundus Master Course (EJMC) named reCity. A course created for a new generation of professionals who want to design and share innovative ideas supporting communities, stake-holders and political leaders towards more sustainable cities. Focus of the reCity, is the design of city regeneration, pursued with an holistic approach based on improving the beneficiaries’ competences necessary to be key actors within the advanced process of sustainable urban development and renewal, in terms of design, communication, building and management of the contemporary city.The reCity EJMC objective is to deepen university study and work experience, integrating them with interdisciplinary skills. The aim is to build the professionalism required in the labour market for successful employment in a wide range of contexts related to city regeneration projects. In the reCity EJMC, students, eligible from all over the world, work in cross-disciplinary teams, consider issues from multiple perspectives, gain insight from industry leaders, link up with networks and emerge with a portfolio of projects. Structure. An excellent full-time two-year postgraduate master course. 120 ECTS over 4 semesters. An integrated, research-led & job-oriented curriculum with lectures, tutorials, seminars, laboratories, workshops, working groups, mobile learning, field trips, internship and project-works. English is the official language. Students also have the opportunity to learn the local language and culture, to enhance their experience. Mobility is one of the master course’s features. EU students may also visit a partner in a third-country.Consortium. The reCity EJMC is implemented by a non-profit transnational Consortium named fis'D - Integrated Higher Education of Design, founded in 2001 at Catanzaro, Italy. It is made up of leading universities, organisations, companies and non-profit institutions. The fis’D, through the Liaison Secretariat, welcomes students and offers a comprehensive service pack. Particular assistance is given for housing and integration into daily life, including special attention for equal opportunities and families. Scholarships are available for selected eligible candidates. A computer laptop (MacOS) or an iPhone / iPod is also provided to each student. Applicants should have at least a Bachelor's degree or equivalent (minimum 180 ECTS credits in three years) in related fields. Successful graduates are awarded with a joint Master Degree. DURATION: 3000 hours in 2 years, 120 ECTS. The 2014 edition begins in October 2014 and ends in September 2016.

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Region of Calabria
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The admission criteria for candidates to be able to apply as a student to the reCity EJMC are: • bachelor's degree or equivalent (180 credits in ECTS, in a minimum of three years), completed before 31 July 2011, in thematic fields related to relevant sectors (ISCED97): 5 - Engineering, Manufacturing and Construction; 2 - Humanities and Arts; 3 - Social Sciences, Business and Law. • no conviction for any criminal or alcohol/drug-related offence.