Prague, Czech Republic
Program Type:
Study Abroad
Degree Level:
Academic Year

Program Overview

Setting Description:
Our programme promotes a progressive approach to teaching that includes reducing class sizes and an emphasis on seminars. Our instructors aim to conduct their classes through presentations, discussions or simulations incorporating student participation. This logically requires thorough preparation on the part of the student outside the class through extensive reading of the course texts. Our goal is to streamline the teaching process through actively involving the students in class and making it possible for them to present their opinions on and understandings of the material.
Tuition fees for the Master in International Security Studies programme i are set at 3,000 Euro per semester, payable at the start of each semester. Please note that these fees cover only the cost of instruction and examinations, and that students are responsible for paying their own living expenses (food, lodging, etc.). Although we have no immediate plans to increase our fees, we reserve the right to do so, should circumstances warrant it. Students will be given advance notice of any changes.