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To study film history, theory and aesthetics, fostering critical and analytical understanding of films.
Orange, United States
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Full Degree
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Film & Television

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Program Description:
The Master of Arts in Film Studies program offers a comprehensive course of study in film history, theory and aesthetics. Students devote a lot of time viewing films of different genres, styles, periods and national industries, reading about them and discussing their meanings and significance. The two-year program is designed to foster critical and analytical understanding of films and it provides students with advanced training in academic research and writing. Upon finishing the intense course of study students will be able to analyze American and international films from historical, cultural, economic and ideological perspective as well as from aesthetical perspective. Students are encouraged to think out of the box to question how films bear the social and cultural influences and the ways in which important social issues are represented on screen. Survey courses on film history and theory will equip the students with basic knowledge and skills for scholarly exploration of film and in-depth study of genres and auteurs will allow them to apply those analytical tools to individual films and filmmakers. After completing the rigorous curriculum that includes an MA thesis writing in the second year, students will gain: * Excellent knowledge on the development of cinema since its invention * Analytical ability to do close readings of individual films in relation to a wide range of important questions and issues * Research skills to develop scholarly arguments and * Advanced writing skills. By joining the MA program, students will become part of a vibrant film community including both academic and creative students, and will be encouraged to participate in the various activities and events that feature industrial experts

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