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Kickstart your professional life by joining a diverse community of students for a term interning, studying, and exploring life in Philadelphia!
Philadelphia, United States
Program Type:
Study Abroad
Degree Level:
Fall Semester, Summer

Program Overview

Program Description:

Embrace Independence

A personalized, exciting internship waits for you in Philly!

Arcadia has designed a program that is second-to-none, with in-person and virtual access to real-world work situations and engaging program courses that use the city as your classroom. 

The signature feature of this program is that it is personalized to you. Intern Philly's expert advisors and faculty work hard to match you with a truly multi-dimensional placement that will allow you to grow academically, personally, and professionally. You'll establish an organic network, gain essential experience, and amplify your on-campus studies. Best of all, you'll gain resume experience that will set you apart with future employers, business contacts, and admissions officers.

Intern Philly offers…

  • Customized internship placements across Philadelphia in a wide variety of fields, both virtually and in-person
  • In-person and online courses that engage the professional, social, and cultural diversity of the city
  • Mentoring at your internship and from program faculty and staff
  • Building competencies in areas of independence, adaptability, initiative-taking, problem solving skills, and resilience sought by employers
  • Internship-only option available to help enhance ongoing studies at home university.
  • Networking opportunities with other young urban professionals, as well as interview skills training and guidance on writing resumes and cover letters and networking pitches
  • Health, safety and student life guidance to help you learn to navigate the city

Arcadia is a nationally recognized leader in higher education, offering exceptional study, research and internship experiences for students from colleges and universities across the US. Our unique combination of customized, diverse academic programming and comprehensive support allows students to explore new worlds, get to know themselves, boost their resumes for future job opportunities and graduate school, and experience the incredible growth and shifts in perspective that a culturally immersive experience can deliver.

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Every dollar helps! Check out our website for different funding sources for study abroad...