Study Abroad in Ukraine ProgramsUkraine is a country of many flavors. Located in Eastern Europe, it shares borders with Russia, Belarus, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Moldova, and two seas. Most of Ukraine’s neighbors influence the country’s dynamic personality. However, Ukraine also has a flavor that’s uniquely its own. When you live and study abroad in Ukraine, you can explore and discover it for yourself.  

Many of Ukraine’s most famous sights give visitors a sense of its complicated history. Sights like the Priest’s Grotto, the Underwater Museum at Cape Tarkhankut, and Mother Motherland all reveal that the country has truly lived, transformed, and evolved. Other parts of Ukraine, like its mountains, seaside resorts, and clear devotion to artistry and architecture tell a different story—perhaps one of its devotion to the future.

Why Study Abroad in Ukraine

Living and studying abroad in Ukraine allows for an intriguing social, political, and cultural exploration. You can study abroad in Ukraine for a summer, semester, or academic year. You may also find options for interning, volunteering, or submersing yourself in language in Ukraine. No matter your choice, you’re likely to enjoy a life-enhancing experience. Plus, you’ll be earning academic credit and enhancing your resume.

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