Considering Summer School in Taiwan? For many students, summer is a time to take a break. It’s a time to kick back, relax, and enjoy some well-deserved time off. It’s a time to ditch homework for moments with friends and test-taking for naps. It’s a time to breathe deep and reboot.

Summer School in Taiwan : Why Take a Break When You Can Have an Adventure?

For other students, taking a break is not on the agenda. Instead, summer is the season for catching up on required classes, earning credits to graduate on time, or adding what could be a career-boosting experience to the resume. For those students, summer study abroad programs provide a wonderful opportunity.

When students say yes to a Taiwan summer program, they say yes to an adventure. They say to their friends, “Yes, I’m going to summer school—Taiwan summer school!” They say yes to combing their academic goals with their dreams and embarking on a journey.

Let’s imagine, since you’re reading this, that you are one of those students.

You decide to go to summer school in Taiwan, and you’re super excited. You pack your bags, jump on a plane, and head to a cool corner of the world. Sure, you miss your friends, but you spend your summer meeting new people, learning a new language, and exploring a new culture. Best of all, you do so as a responsible adult—you are, after all, earning academic credits and adding a career-enhancing item to your resume.

Now, imagine for a moment the unique experience that Taiwan provides. Picture yourself walking to class along streets lined with red lanterns and bustling markets. Imagine pausing to eat rice pudding straight from an eggshell or meeting classmates at the historical Fortress Café to study before class. Picture making your way through vibrant streets to the Mengjia Longshan Temple or the Huashan Creative Park. Imagine spending your weekends socializing and sharing snacks at the wildly popular Raohe Street Night Market or going out for live music or to dance at Taiwan’s famous Luxy club. These and so many other opportunities await your arrival.

Consider now that you’ve arrived at the end of your journey. You’re the proud owner of a collection of experiences and opportunities from which you may glean a lifetime of pleasure. You’ve also earned some academic credit. This is the opportunity of a Taiwan summer program. This could be your reality if you say an exuberant yes to summer school in Taiwan.

How Do I Pursue My Dreams of Studying Abroad in Taiwan?

We know that even if you’re ready to jump in right now, you might have some questions. Many students wonder how they would finance a study abroad experience. You can peruse resources and ideas for paying for your trip on our financial aid page. You may be eligible for scholarships, grants, or other forms of aid to fund your summer school Taiwan study abraod program. Check with your Study Abroad Affairs department to search for more information.

Many students also wonder how they can ensure their credits from Taiwan are transferable to their college or university in the United States. You can do so by looking for some programs on our website, meeting with the appropriate counselors at your school, and discussing which programs might be perfect for you, given your minor, major, or the school’s requirements. You might even find some programs that help fulfill general education requirements. Unless it’s already spelled out in black and white, the only way to know for sure is to ask!  

You might also have some questions about what it’s like to leave the familiarity and comfort of your school, city, and friends. You can read about other students’ study abroad experiences on our blog or consult our resources page to discover what happens before, during, and after a study abroad experience.

We offer these and numerous other ideas and resources for making summer school in Taiwan a reality. Don’t wait to begin your adventure! Find your perfect program now.

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