Are you looking for an exciting opportunity to study abroad in Taiwan or East Asia? Interested in learning to read and write Mandarin Chinese, or practice your Chinese skills and build fluency? If you Study Abroad in Taiwan, you might find all of this and more. Located close to the Tropic of Cancer, Taiwan boasts a marine tropical climate, with diverse flora and fauna, including several endemic species. This biodiversity in conjunction with one of the densest populations in the world means you get the advantages of urban life as well as the opportunity to learn about and enjoy the wilderness.

Why Study Abroad in Taiwan?

Whether you’re interested in studying abroad for a semester, year, or summer, or if you’re looking for internship or volunteer opportunities, Taiwan might have just what you’re looking for. Taiwan is an attractive option for those who want to learn or strengthen their Chinese skills. Taiwan primarily speaks Mandarin, though unlike mainland China, utilizes the beautiful and more complex characters of Traditional Chinese instead of Simplified.

Taiwan is also a religious and culturally diverse country, with notable representations of Taoism, Confucianism, Buddhism Chinese folk religions, as well as Christianity. This in combination with the diversity of aboriginal Taiwanese (though the majority of residents are Han Chinese) means that Taiwan has a fascinating and vibrant culture with a variety of cultural influences. Overall, Taiwanese culture includes influences of traditional Chinese, Japanese, Confucian, indigenous traditions, as well as an influx of Western values.

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