A Study Abroad Program at Art Schools in Spain may be a wonderful way to earn valuable undergraduate credit in a land known for its explorers like Christopher Columbus. From the mountains of the Mainland to the volcano in the Canary Islands, the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, the diverse geography of Spain lends a colorful background to studying Fine Arts. With its rich history, numerous heritage sites and vibrant culture, a Study Abroad Fine Arts Program in Spain warrants consideration.

Why Consider a Study Abroad at Art Schools in Spain as an Undergrad?

Home of the flamenco, the guitar, Pablo Picasso, and acclaimed contemporary films by Pedro Almodovar and Luis Bunuel, a Study Abroad in Spain Fine Arts Program is likely to be an inspiring undergraduate experience. Whether you are hoping for an immersive way to study in Spanish, or just hoping to study studio arts in country rich in talent, a Spain Study Abroad offers you the opportunity to learn not only from your classes but also from the locals. Choose from a variety of programs in popular cities such as Barcelona and Salamanca.

FUN FACT: Want to say “dance” in Spanish? Say ‘baile’

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