Are you passionate about the culinary arts? Interested in learning about food in some of the most diverse and influential culinary cultures in the world? Whether you’re pursuing culinary arts formally, or whether you have a passion for cooking in your personal life, studying the culinary arts in Spain may be a great fit for you. Spain has a diverse culinary scene with a variety of cultural and geographic influences, making it a rich setting in which to learn about food.

Why Study Culinary Arts in Spain?

Spain’s culinary scene is as broad and diverse as the country itself. From geographic influences to cultural and international ones, Spain’s traditional cuisine and contemporary innovations make it a great place to study gastronomy and culinary arts. Coastal regions may often by typified by seafood and shellfish, while food further inland may include different local spices, vegetables, and game. Cultural and international influences may range from Moroccan and other African influences, to French, Italian, and Greek influence via the Mediterranean. Between regional variations and international cultural flavors, Spain is a great place to learn about a variety of styles of cuisine.

Spain is home to a vibrant contemporary culinary scene, renowned celebrity chefs and restaurants, in addition to a vibrant local food and wine culture and unique traditions. Whether you want to attend a culinary arts degree program, learn about culinary arts and how it intersects with Spanish culture out of personal interest, or whether you’re looking for internship opportunities, great programs may be available for you.