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For students who want to live by the beach and enjoy an eclectic experience, consider doing a study abroad in Alicante, Spain could be the perfect place. Alicante, a city located in southeastern Spain along the Mediterranean Sea with Costa Blanca as is its primary coast, hosts numerous beaches along the way which entice beach lovers to the Sea. Alicante’s coast abuts a city that is at once historic and modern; fast-paced and still. Oh, the stories you could tell after spending weeks, months, or even a year exploring and enjoying a delightful Spanish community. Picture yourself arriving home having had the adventure of a lifetime. Think of how your life could be enhanced, your heart could be happy, and your fascination could be piqued. Then picture having knocked out some academic credits, learned some Spanish, and made some friends, some of whom could be around for a lifetime. Wouldn’t that be worth the time it takes to find your perfect program? Read on to learn more.

What Will Life Be Like As I Study Abroad in Alicante?

Everyone’s study abroad experience is distinct, and yours will be too. Every day, you’ll be able to choose your own adventure as you explore the city, find your way to class, and engage with the people around you. However, we can give you a sense of what it might be like to live and study abroad in Alicante.

Alicante’s culture stems primarily from its Greek, Roman, Moorish, and French roots and its history as a port town. Its past—evident in its architecture, old city, and tradition—blends with the city’s devotion to modernization, and students will likely find castles, forts, and other age-old buildings resting amongst modern nightclubs, restaurants, and shopping plazas.

Students might survey Alicante’s history by visiting its many museums, historic churches, cathedrals, and once-thriving port; or they might partake in Alicante’s modern lifestyle by way of beaches, water sports, and artistic parks that beckon tourists, students, and locals alike. They might appreciate that Alicante is at once a beach town, college town (the city is home to the University of Alicante that brings a bit of intellectual life to Alicante), and historic hotspot. In short, Alicante could provide a unique and dynamic spot for students to study.

Things to do in Alicante:

  • Old Town Alicante: the narrow streets of this part of Alicante share the city’s history and beauty. See if you can find the city’s town hall, main cathedral, and a covenant. Pay a visit to El Barrio de Santa Cruz for a cool view. And seek out two museums: the Gravina Museum of Fine Arts and the Museu de Arte de Siglo XX Asegurada.
  • Castillo de Santa Barbara: this is one of Alicante’s most treasured sites. This fortress and castle has evolved since 400 B.C. and may give visitors a sense of some of Alicante’s more ancient history. Tour the fortress and consider heading to the castle for amazing views.
  • Explanada de España: this marble promenade’s swirly designs are a feast for the eyes. Consider packing a lunch and heading here to people-watch and enjoy the whimsical and romantic feel of the promenade.
  • The Palm Grove of Elche: this UNESCO World Heritage Site boasts thousands of palm trees and a beautiful garden. When you need a break from the city, head here to breathe in fresh air, stroll in the shade, and steep yourself in beauty.

What Can I Study in an Alicante Study Abroad Program?

As you explore your opportunities to study abroad, you’ll likely find that Alicante study abroad programs offer an array of options across disciplines. Programs in many areas, from anthropology, economics, and fine art to marketing, psychology, and linguistics, have made their way into Alicante’s academic scene, and you just might find the perfect option for you!

To discover what Alicante study abroad has to offer, view the options on this page or use our search tool to refine your search. Using our search tool, you can browse by program level (high school, gap year, undergraduate, or graduate), program term (spring break, summer, semester, year, and others), and specialty (political science, architecture, environmental science, and others). Click on links to explore your options, contact programs, or to register. If you’re passionate about studying abroad and enjoying a life-enhancing adventure, don’t miss this opportunity to find your perfect program.

As you explore your options, remember that you’ll be studying abroad in Spain! This might present the perfect opportunity to study Spanish (or Catalan) through a structured program or informally. Through a structured program, or as you live your everyday life in Spain (conversing with classmates and instructors, navigating the city, ordering food, and, in some programs, staying with a Spanish-speaking host family), you might develop and enhance your Spanish-speaking skills. This could be a talent that you add to your resume and may make you feel like a global citizen.

How Can I Find My Perfect Study Abroad Program in Alicante, Spain?

Now may be the perfect time to say “yes!” to doing a study abroad in Alicante. Explore your options here and click on links to learn more about specific programs. Through this sight, you can contact program providers, gain general information, and, when you’re ready, contact a program to register. Begin you amazing journey now!