A Study Abroad in Romania Program may be an enriching way to combine earning undergraduate credits with travel to a foreign destination. Romania actually has four seasons; the Black Sea area attracts people in summer and the skiing resort area along the Valea Prahovei attract winter enthusiasts[i]. Home of Dracula’s castle, the official language of Romania is Romanian, although Hungarian is also spoken. French and English are the main foreign languages taught in school, so it may prove to be an interesting linguistic as well as cultural experience to Study Abroad in Romania.

Why Consider a Study Abroad in Romania Program?

If you are interested in a Romanian Immersion program, to study Eastern Orthodoxy, visit medieval fortresses, primeval dense forests, or the Danube Delta, studying abroad in Romania may be a great way to spend an undergraduate term or full year. Browse through the sponsored listings to find a program that resonates and choose from a variety of cities in Romania such as Bucharest and Lupeni.

FUN FACT: Want to say “hello” in Romanian? You can say ‘salut’[ii]