Summer Study Abroad in Puerto Rico ProgramsPuerto Rico vibrates with natural beauty and a peaceful vibe. Its crystal clear waters contrast beautifully with its colorful buildings, and its local people fill the streets with art, music, and great conversation. It’s an island that welcomes visitors with a warm embrace.

Why Choose a Summer Study Abroad in Puerto Rico Program

Studying abroad in Puerto Rico is a wonderful option for students who crave an island experience. It’s also a prime spot for students who want to learn Spanish but crave the familiarity of English. The island has two official languages: Spanish and English, and most local people and businesses utilize both. Plus, Puerto Rico is relatively close to the United States, making it convenient for students who want an adventure but need or want to stick closer to home. Finally, because Puerto Rico sits amidst numerous other Caribbean islands, it could be the perfect launching point for an extended Caribbean adventure. Why not study abroad in Puerto Rico?

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Fun Fact: Puerto Rico is an unincorporated U.S. territory. That means that while it may feel like another country, it’s actually not. However, thanks to its Caribbean culture and unique Puerto Rican flavor, it still offers the rich experience of an international study abroad.