Are you looking for an exciting summer study abroad opportunity? Curious about studying and living in Asia for the first time? Want to spend your summer somewhere unique? If this sounds like you, you may want to consider a summer study abroad program in the Philippines. The Philippines, an island nation situated in Southeast Asia, is a great choice for students interested in experiencing an Eastern culture for the first time. With its historical ties not only to other Asian nations but also several Western ones including the United States and Spain, the Filipino culture is a unique blend of Eastern and Western influences making it accessible to the foreign student.

Why Choose a Summer Study Abroad Program in the Philippines?

The Philippines occupy a unique place in Southeast Asia, both physically and culturally. Due to their location as well as history and ties with various Eastern and Western nations and cultures, the Philippines is home to migrants, immigrants and travelers from around the world in addition to those of Filipino origin. The Philippines is also diverse in its own right, with a variety of ethnolinguistic groups both indigenous and otherwise. As a result, the Philippines is also home to a wide variety of spoken languages. Specifically, the Philippines boasts 19 regional languages in addition to the official English and Filipino, as well as Spanish and Arabic.

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