Slightly smaller than the state of Kansas, the Sultanate of Oman is located in southwest Asia at the mouth of the Persian Gulf, bordered by the United Arab Emirates to the northwest, Yemen to the southwest, and Saudi Arabia to the west. A potential location for students to study abroad in Oman.

While studying abroad in Oman, you can explore numerous landscapes, from the beaches of Salalah to the plateaus of Jebel Akhad. The interior of Oman is a dry dessert, but you can plan for humidity if you’re studying abroad along the coat. Oman is quite diverse compared to many Middle Eastern countries; almost 600,000 of its residents are non-nationals. Study abroad in Oman programs vary in length from summer or semester, to yearlong study abroad programs.

Study Abroad in Oman

A stark contrast from the US you’ll notice while studying abroad in Oman is the dress. You’ll find most men dressed in a dishdasha, the national dress. This long sleeved, collarless, ankle-length gown is usually white and adorned with a furakha, or tassel, on the neckline. Typically they will also be wearing a mussar or a kummah, types of head dresses, and a khanjar, or dagger, which symbolizes a man’s origin and courage. Women will typically be seen wearing an abaya, burqa and hijab, which is essentially a loose black cloak that covers most of their body. On special occasions though, woman will wear colorful, intricate costumes which include the dishdasha or kandorrah, a long tunic, a sirwal, or loose fitting pants that are tight around the ankles, and a lihaf, which is a head shawl.

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