Summer Study Abroad in New Zealand | Summer in New Zealand ProgramsIf you are looking for an exotic experience in a country where English is spoken, a Summer Study Abroad in New Zealand may be an exciting way to earn undergraduate credits! New Zealand is known for an island biogeography that includes forests, lakes, and marine resources.[i] Whether you hope to research rainforests, environmental studies or other topics, a New Zealand Study Abroad is likely to be a fantastic way to mix academics with exploration during your summer term!

Why Consider a Summer Study Abroad in New Zealand Undergraduate Program?

If you are thinking of wool and whaling, these are only a few of the associations that make a Summer Study Abroad in New Zealand worth considering as part of your undergraduate experience. New Zealand boasts renewable energy sources, Polynesian culture, and is where The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit and The Chronicles of Narnia were filmed. With such exceptional landscapes, studying in New Zealand sounds like quite the adventure. Choose from a variety of programs and popular cities such as Wellington, Dunedin and Auckland.

FUN FACT: In New Zealand, the Maori language is experiencing a revival. To say “hello” start with ‘Kia-ora’![ii]

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