Cuernavaca, Mexico, is unjustly overlooked by many international tourists and students. This is a terrible shame, for its rich cultural and historical legacies are second to none, and the beauty of the natural surroundings are truly spectacular. In fact, Cuernavaca is so appealing that the Habsburg Emperor Maximilian choose the city as the location for one of his famed summer residences. This, of course, speaks volumes: A man with the entire world literally at his disposal, and unlimited monetary funds, chose to spend his summers in this little city in Central Mexico. As the old saying goes, If it's good enough for him...

Of course, it makes perfect sense that people would be drawn to Cuernavaca: The average annual temperature is 68 degrees Fahrenheit, leading locals to boast of their city's so-called eternal spring. And "its parks and gardens resplendent with tropical plants and flowers, [and] its charming center with colonial architecture still attract Mexicans and foreign tourists from all over the world. [And] because of its geographical position, Cuernavaca is also an ideal starting point for interesting trips in Central Mexico." 

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