Are you interested in an exciting summer study abroad opportunity in Southeast Asia? If so, you may want to consider a summer study abroad program in Malaysia. Malaysia, a vibrant island nation in the South China Sea, home to diverse, multi-ethnic and multi-religious culture and traditions. With cultural and historical ties to both Eastern and Western countries and cultures, several languages, and megadiverse ecosystem, Malaysia might be a great fit for you no matter what your interests.

Why Choose a Summer Study Abroad Program In Malaysia?

Malaysia may be a great destination for the curious summer student. If you’re interested in ecology, biology, conservation, botany, and more, Malaysia might be a perfect location for you to explore your passions. Classified as a megadiverse country, Malaysia is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna, including a notable amount of endemic species, meaning you’ll be able to learn about plants and animals in Malaysia you won’t find anywhere else, in their natural habitats. Malaysia is home to some of the oldest forests in the world, believed to be up to 130 million years old.

In addition to biodiversity, Malaysia is home to a thriving, diverse culture, with a multi-ethnic culture informed not only by its official religion of Islam, but also Hinduism, Buddhism, as well as Taoism and Confucianism imported by Chinese Malaysians,  and the animist traditions of indigenous Malaysian cultures. As a result, social, musical, and artistic culture is informed by a variety of traditions and beliefs. If you want to practice your language skills, in addition to the official language of Bahasa Melayu, both English and Cantonese are also widely spoken.