Lebanon is a Middle Eastern country that borders the Mediterranean Sea and neighbors Syria and Israel. Its capital city is Beirut and a popular place for students to study abroad. Whether students choose this or another city in Lebanon for their study abroad experience, they’re bound to enjoy a fantastic Study Abroad in Lebanon journey.

Why You'll Want to Study Abroad in Lebanon

Overall, Lebanon is a vibrant country in which life is lived in proximity with others. Cities are bustling and densely populated, and much of life centers on gathering to share food and daily life. The country’s historical sights, restaurants, and outdoor spaces all provide prime locations for connecting with friends and family. Lebanon’s community-oriented culture makes for a full and hearty adventure.

While you’re in Lebanon, you’ll want to enjoy some of its most celebrated sights such as the temple of Bacchus, the ruins of Baalbek, and the Jeita Grotto (a network of stunning caves in the Nahr al-Kalb valley). You’ll also want to partake in the country’s most standard (but delicious!) foods such as hummus, fool, yogurt sauce (typically accompanying savory dishes) and karbooj (a pastry made mostly of nuts).

Students may opt to spend a summer, semester, or academic year studying abroad in Lebanon. No matter their program duration, students can earn academic credit, enhance their resumes, and develop their global awareness. The may also find intern- and volunteer-abroad opportunities that help them enhance their careers and fulfill their dreams. To browse Study Abroad in Lebanon programs, visit the sponsored listings below. Find one you like and contact the program for details. Then, sign up and begin your adventure!

Fun Fact: There are four primary languages spoken in Lebanon: Arabic, French, Armenian, and English.