Want to learn more about South Korea Summer School Programs?

If you absolutely have to enroll in classes over the summer, why not fully immerse yourself by studying abroad and taking your education across international borders? Your South Korea summer school programs may include a number of courses, depending on the specific program in which you choose to enroll. Options run the gamut from American politics and mass media to fluid mechanics and international business.[i]

Students who are interested in learning Korean or learning more about the Korean culture might find learning on the peninsula to be a great experience, one they may remember for a lifetime. In addition to learning, a Korean summer program could be a great way to forge new friendships and take the first step in your professional career.

Korea Summer School

No matter if you’re currently in high school or have already gotten started on your college education, enrolling in South Korea summer school programs might be a great way to learn more about not only a subject that interests you, but learn about it from an international perspective. Such a perspective may help broaden your educational horizons and deepen your understanding of your major.

For instance, history majors could find value in learning in a country that evolved from dynasties and kingdoms. A scholar with an interest in finance or economy might feel at home earning an education in the middle of one of Asia’s economic success stories. Most important is that education is given a high position in Korean culture, which is likely to impact your study abroad experience.[ii]

Summer Programs in Korea

You may have seen Seoul on a TV show or movie and have been drawn in by the cityscape, culture and global appeal. South Korea summer school programs could give you the opportunity to get to know Seoul up close and personal while completing a course. Some study abroad programs allow students to experience Buddhist temples, towering skyscrapers, and royal palaces. Other programs could give you exposure to the future with a ride on the subway or discovering advanced technology coming to America.[iii]

Even if you aren’t a language arts student, enrolling in South Korea summer school programs might prove to be a great way to pick up a few words and phrases.

South Korea Summer School Programs for High Schoolers

Korea also offers special summer programs for high schoolers. For instance, The Experiment in International Living offers a peace studies summer program for high school students. Young scholars are immersed in the country’s culture and gain firsthand experience in Korea’s struggles for peace and development. The unique program features an orientation in Seoul, a homestay in either Busan or Jeonju and gives participants the opportunity to engage with economists, historians and distinguished members of civil society.[iv]

High school students who simply want a taste of Korean culture in a summer camp-like environment could find a perfect fit with LanguBridge’s language classes. It’s here that young scholars are immersed in language studies, the local culture, the opportunity to stay with a host family and sightseeing. Once they finish the program, students receive a completion certificate from the university.[v]

Don’t miss out on the chance to have an international and educational experience of a lifetime. Explore your options for South Korea summer school programs and experience life in the Land of the Morning Calm.