This, of course, is a terrible shame, for Seoul has so much to offer, and so many riches just waiting to be discovered, that the first time you visit the city you will likely find yourself awe-struck by its beauty, fascinated by its history, and simply bowled over by its culture.

'With over ten million people living within its city limits, Seoul is one of the most populous cities in the world. However, with an area of only 605 square kilometres, it is also one of the smallest and most densely populated major cities' ( And while this means that living there can occasionally be trying on those who value a sense of space, it can also be enriching in ways that only the world's most crowded places can be. Imagine, for example, New York without its population overload: Would strolling down Fifth Avenue be the same if it weren't so overcrowded? Probably not. But the riches of Seoul are such that they are enough to make even the most city-phobic visitor melt.