Spending your summer studying abroad in Jordan sounds like a lovely idea, doesn’t it? The country is a beautiful one and provides ample opportunity for adventure. Whether you spend your spare time exploring cities like Jerash and Amman, floating in the Dead Sea, or adventuring through deserts by camelback, you’re likely to have an amazing time. And, while you’re living your day-to-day life, you can enjoy Jordan’s delicious cuisine, explore its vibrant souks (marketplaces or bazaars), and take in its treasured jewels such as mosaic walls, performance arts theaters, and places of worship. Overall, Summer Jordan Programs provide a unique and intriguing context for studying abroad.    

Why Consider Summer Jordan Programs Abroad?

Going to Jordan to study abroad for a summer is a great option for students who need academic credit but also crave a summer adventure. It provides students with an opportunity to visit the Middle East without having to commit to an entire semester or year. For many students, summer study abroad programs also give them a sense of where in the world they might want to revisit.

To explore your options for a summer Jordan study abroad program, visit our sponsored listing below. There you’ll find much of the information you need along with contact information for specific programs. Now is the perfect time to say “yes” to what may be a life-altering adventure.

Fun Fact: Many people in Jordan offer their guests small drinks upon entrance into their homes (usually thimbles of Arabic coffee). Each person must drink his or her drink before the group can begin to socialize.   

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