In fact, one could make the argument that Kobe cows live a life that most college students would envy: They stand around all day, drink lots of beer (it is actually a major component of their diet), and get massages with sake, the famous rice wine of Japan. This combination of inactivity, beer, and great genetics allow the cows to grow gloriously fat, thereby producing a meat as marbled and as tender as any in the world.

Gustatory glories aside, however, Kobe has a great deal to offer students. From its history to its culture, it is one of the most alluring cities in all of Japan. It is so alluring, in fact, that 'this cosmopolitan port city has a population of 45,500 foreign residents from more than 100 countries.' And with more than a dozen colleges and universities here, the number of students is every bit as impressive.

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