Top Five Reasons to Study Abroad in Sicily 

  1. Studying abroad in Sicily gives you the opportunity to learn not one, but two languages – Italian and Sicilian.
  2. Sicily is home to the largest and most active volcano in Europe – Mount Etna. Studying in Sicily allows you to explore the natural beauty that surrounds this majestic volcano.
  3. Agriculture is the backbone to the Sicilian economy. Expand your knowledge of agriculture by studying in Sicily.
  4. Sicily is a melting pot! Learning about the diverse culture and people of Sicily is sure to be an enriching experience.
  5. One of the greatest works of literature, The Odyssey, was set primarily in Sicily. Studying abroad in Sicily gives you the opportunity to explore the island just like Odysseus.

Studying Abroad in Sicily

Sicily is the largest, and arguably the most picturesque, island in the Mediterranean. It is located just off the coast of Italy and is home to over five million people. Sicily is divided into nine provinces with Palermo being the capital city.

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