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Taking art courses in Italy might be a great way for creative students to simultaneously hone their craft under the tutelage of skilled professors and learn from the multitudes of famous works that call the country home. Many masters like da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Botticelli have left their literal mark on Italy’s architecture, cityscapes, and canvasses, making the boot-shaped peninsula a living classroom for international students. If you study art in Italy, you may not only have the chance to delve into the art history that seems to pop up everywhere, or to study the unique artistic techniques practiced within the country. You could also soak in the culture that surrounds you. They say that how you live your life influences your art, so just imagine what you might create after sampling Italy’s cuisine, visiting its ancient sites, or perusing Italia’s museums! Paintings may be worth a thousand words, but after taking art courses in Italy and living the bella vida in its cities as part of a study abroad program, you might be left speechless.

What You Might Learn by Taking Art Courses in Italy

At this point, you may be asking yourself, “Why should I study art in Italy?” That’s a great question! You want to make sure that your study abroad program is not only a fun international adventure, but a worthwhile academic one as well! So why Italy? Because it’s overflowing with art!

Maybe you’ve heard of a little thing called the Italian Renaissance? Then you may have guessed that it started in Italy! The Renaissance, and many other artistic revolutions, might be able to trace their birth back to Italy. This could make it a great place for students to study some major works and fine arts studies. When not working in the studio or studying in the classroom, you might want to delve into the heart of your city’s artistic history by walking through the streets and seeing the sites. For instance, if you find yourself in Rome, you could head to Vatican City to catch a glimpse of Raphael’s famous fresco, School of Athens. Or maybe you’re curious to see Botticelli’s Birth of Venus in her glory at the Uffizi in Florence. Of course, you don’t want to miss seeing some of Michelangelo’s grandiose works like The Last Supper in Milan or the massive works in the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City. It seems that no matter where you travel in the country, you could have the opportunity to see and study a master’s work. When you study at home, you may only see these works of art in a textbook – in Italy, you could see (and study) them face to face!

Depending on your length of stay, you could have a semester or even an entire academic year to study art in Italy adn take Italy art courses. Rather than rushing through them and being limited to touristy pieces, you may have the chance to travel to see painters, sculptors, and drawers’ earlier and lesser-known works. Who knows? Seeing da Vinci’s adolescent sketches might help you realize that he started with the same skills you have today!

It’s also important to note that studying art in Italy doesn’t have to interfere with your home studies. By pursuing a semester or year abroad in Italy, you may have the chance to earn valuable credits to apply to your home concentration. (Check with your university to see if your chosen program is eligible.) This way, you might be able to gain an international experience while still working towards your academic goals. That’s a win-win situation!

Picture – or Postcard – Worthy Sites in Italy

While the entirety of Italy may be a living classroom, there’s more than academics in the boot shaped country! Italy is full of dozens of postcard-worthy sites, so be sure to bring your camera so you don’t forget a single thing. Or, better yet, bring your brushes, paints, and pencils to capture everything from the Italian countryside to its architecture.

For example, you could stop in Venice and hop into a gondola to take in the unique architecture of the city from the vantage point of the famous canals themselves! Or, if you’re looking for a picture-perfect opportunity, you could head to Pisa to see the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa. Did you know, before its renovation, the tower was predicted to topple over in early 2000? Luckily, it’s still standing and providing some iconic photo opportunities!

Of course, you’re more than welcome to walk away from your canvas for a while and seek some inspiration for the multitudes of museums in Italy. One stop on your artistic tour should definitely be Florence. More specifically you should take a trip to the Galleria dell’Accademia. The museum is not only home to Michelangelo’s “David,” but also hundreds of other works completed by Italian artists. And while you might’ve come to Florence for the art, sipping some of the region’s famous wines at local vineyards might be a great side trip to take (especially with friends).

There’s so many things to see and do in Italy that they could never be contained in just one article. We haven’t even touched on excursions in places like Vatican City, Milan, or Rome – but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t travel there. Be sure to speak with your intended program to see if they have any planned excursions or information on site-seeing trips in these or many other regions. Or check out city specific pages on our site using the menu above.

Next Steps to Study Art in Italy

It’s time to say ciao to your home university and buon giorno to studying art in Italy! But wait! Before you board a plane, you still need to find a perfect program for you. Continue scrolling down this page to browse a list of potential programs. Looking to attend during a specific semester, or even for a full academic year? Select your preferred time of study from the menus. Buona fortuna finding a perfect program to study art in Italy