Why Consider Study Abroad in Ireland Spring Semester?

Spring may mean perfect weather for exploring a new country, so why not pursue Ireland spring semester study abroad programs to try to make the most of your sight-seeing journey. While you continue to potentially earn valuable credits, you could explore Ireland during its lushest season. It’s famous “40 shades of green” will likely be out in full force. You might also have the opportunity to experience seasonal Irish cultural festivals, holidays, and events. St. Patrick’s Day anyone? A spring Semester in Ireland could give you a unique glimpse into Irish culture that might be missed any other time of year! There are a variety of spring semester study abroad in Ireland programs to choose from.

Learning During a Spring Semester in Ireland

Many students worry about fitting their study abroad program into their busy schedule, but a spring semester in Ireland may not disrupt your academics. First and foremost, since the Irish speak English as a national language, students might be able to immediately take part in advanced educational courses without communication obstacles. Secondly, credits earned from these same courses may be applied towards your home college or university’s graduation requirements. This could keep you on track for graduation! Check with your school to see if your preferred programs qualify.

Certain concentrations may also find that Ireland is perfect for their studies! Business majors especially might find ample, real-world scenarios to apply to their work. Having recently joined the EU, and overcome a major recession, Ireland could be ripe with chances for students to learn about crisis management, international economies, and rebuilding business infrastructures. Students studying the arts may also find abundant opportunities, specifically in Dublin. The capital city is full of museums, performance spaces, and industry professionals to help you hone your craft. It’s hard to go a day in Dublin without seeing a show, viewing a gallery, or even just listening to a “busker” singing on the street.

Spring semesters are also a great option for students who may want to do some non-academic traveling once the semester is over. Instead of paying for another plane ticket to Europe, you could take advantage of the cheaper flights and infrastructure available on the continent. This might make traveling relatively easy, especially since Ireland is part of the EU. You may not even need to convert your currency, depending on where you go! The spring semester in Ireland could be a great introduction into the country itself, but also a gateway to more exploration before you head home.

Spring Has Sprung in Ireland

Spring is a fantastic time to visit Ireland because many of its seasonal holidays and cultural events situate themselves in the first half of the year. As many people are aware, St. Patrick’s Day is a huge spring event in Ireland. People flock to the country from around the world to help celebrate. Cities typically each boast their own St. Paddy’s day parade, but Dublin is known for going all out. Their celebration includes floats from all 26 counties in its display. Afterwards, pop over to a pub for a pint to help celebrate. Guinness is usually the libation of choice.

Easter is another spring holiday that may be the easily recognizable to students. Perhaps more important is the day after the Easter! Families usually gather together to eat dyed eggs and participate in egg rolling contests. It could be a lot of fun to tag along with your new Irish peers to take part in the holiday.

Perhaps lesser known than the two above holidays is the Beltane festival. Beltane supposedly celebrates the time when the space between the spirit world and ours is at its weakest. This festival is meant to celebrate life and welcome in the sunnier seasons with flowers and bonfires. Celebrations usually take place on a high hill so that they may be seen throughout the town, village, or city. Check and see if your intended city is hosting one of these fires for an authentic Irish experience.

When not celebrating the holidays, there is still plenty to do and see. You might want to visit the famous Blarney Stone in Cork, Ireland. Supposedly, if you kiss the stone, you could gain the “gift of gab” or eloquent speech. Or, if majestic sights are more your thing, you could hop on a bus to county Clare to see the Cliffs of Moher. This towering natural attraction has even had its Hollywood debut. If you look closely, you may be able to spot them as the backdrop to a very famous boy wizard.  Of course, these are just a sampling of things you could do during your time in Ireland. Check with your intended university to see if they have a list of nearby attractions.

Putting the Spring in Your Step: Ireland Spring Semester

It may be time to take your studies to Ireland when the 40 shades of green are at their greenest – spring! To take your next steps, scroll further down this page to view a list of potential Ireland spring semester study abroad programs. To request more information from any of the programs, click through the program link and click the “request info” button. The lush greens of Ireland are waiting for you during your spring semester!