Summer Study Abroad in Iceland ProgramsIf you like cooler summer climates, Summer Study Abroad in Iceland programs may be a great choice for you. The average temperature in July is just 55 ˚F! However, even if you like your summers a bit warmer, Iceland provides for a wonderful summer experience.

Why Consider Summer Study Abroad in Iceland Programs

Much of Iceland’s opportunity lies in its stunning natural beauty. Colorful mountains, natural hot springs, volcanoes, and landscapes unique to the region are just some of the many sights Icelanders enjoy. When you study abroad in Iceland, you might spend your free time hiking, enjoying crystal-clear lakes and pools, and watching marine life from black-sand beaches. When you’re not submersed in natural beauty, you may find yourself exploring Iceland’s love for the mystical and magical. Overall, studying in Iceland allows for a nourishing and fascinating experience. 

While living and studying in Iceland, be sure to find:

  • Wind-dried fish
  • Folk music about elves and trolls
  • A celebration of the mystical powers of Jónsmessa, or Midsummer Night
  • Icelandic cocoa soup

Heading to Iceland for a summer is a great idea for students who need to earn academic credit but still want to enjoy a summer adventure in quaint towns and expansive natural settings. It’s a great place to work hard and relax harder. The country’s laidback culture, peaceful sights, and whimsical spirit provide a perfect backdrop for summertime study. 

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Fun Fact: Elves, trolls, and other mystical creatures are beloved icons of Icelandic culture. Perhaps you’ll spot some while you’re there?