Academic Year Abroad in Greece | Full Year in Greece programsStudying abroad is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for you to enrich your academic education with hands-on learning about other cultures. Reading about other countries and cultures is definitely not the same as experiencing them firsthand! An Academic Year Abroad in Greece might be the perfect cultural immersion experience.

But with all of the choices in countries, cities, and programs, deciding on a study abroad program can be overwhelming! Let assist.

Immerse Yourself in a Academic Year Abroad in Greece

A full year of studying in a foreign country is a huge commitment to make, but you can’t go wrong with Greece. Not only is it beautiful, with amazing topography, including mountains, seas, and endless beaches, but Greece has so many things to do and so much history to explore. It’s easy to see why Greece is a popular study abroad destination! Most of the universities in Greece are located in its capital, Athens, making this a popular city for international study. And, because Athens is such a large city, you will certainly not be bored. Athens has all of the modern conveniences you would expect, as well as an array of restaurants and cafes, archaeological attractions such as the Acropolis, theaters, museums, and nightlife.

Explore Other Greek Cities for Study Abroad

If you’re looking to immerse yourself in Greek history, Thessaloniki is a city you may want to consider. Whether you embark on a Sunday afternoon visit to its renowned Archeological Museum or the Church of Agio Dimitrios, Thessaloniki offers plenty of learning opportunities. If you’re looking for a smaller, quieter study abroad location away from some of the hustle and bustle, look into Rhodes, an island that is popular for its beach resorts and Medieval history.

Pack Your Bags for an Enriching International Experience in Greece

No matter what you’re studying—whether its theater, history, education, architecture, or business—Greece offers plenty of options to enhance your academic experience. Let help you find your perfect international study opportunity!

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