Study Abroad Programs in Stuttgart

Why Study in Stuttgart?

Studying abroad in Stuttgart could place your smack dab in a modern cityscape surrounded by gorgeous, panoramic views of Germanic countryside. Immersing yourself in the distinctive culture of this city will likely offer opportunities not found at your college or university. Choosing one of the study abroad programs in Stuttgart could give you a chance to interact with other international students as you explore a new country and the region beyond. You might also see your concentration from a new perspective: that of your German professors and classmates.

You’re bound to have lots of questions about studying in Stuttgart– so keep reading to find out why this could be a perfect program for you!

What Could My Program Be Like When I Study in Stuttgart?

Catching the first flight to a study abroad in Stuttgart could be a great step towards having an international adventure. Hidden among Germany’s deep valleys and rolling vineyards are many places for students to explore – and some truly great places to study! Splitting your time between academics and fun could be a breeze.

Speaking of your studies, studying abroad in Stuttgart could be a haven for those studying. You could have the opportunity to test your German skills daily. Ordering a sandwich for lunch? Do it in German. Want to get directions to the local museum? Do it in German. Want to talk with your new classmates? Tun sie es in Deutsch! When everyone is speaking the language inside and outside the classroom, the city of Stuttgart could be your ultimate study guide.

New Perspectives from Study Abroad Programs in Stuttgart

No matter what you choose to study, you may gain a new perspective while studying abroad in Stuttgart. Immersing yourself in a German classroom could mean seeing your favorite subject through a new lens. You’ll likely be surrounded by German students and professors, each influenced by their upbringing and culture. How Germans approach business or history might be distinctly different than back home. Who knows? You might walk away with a few new ideas to share in class when you return!

Welcome to Deutschland!: What to Do in Stuttgart

When you first arrive in Stuttgart, you may need some comfort food. Grab a plate of maultaschen and you could start to feel at home. This pasta is filled with a hearty meat mixture and prepared either as part of a soup or fried in slices. If you’re studying abroad in Stuttgart in the spring, be sure to have a helping the Thursday before Easter – it’s tradition! For dessert, you might try a slice of schwarzwälder kirschtorte, perhaps better known as black forest cake. This distinctly German cake combines chocolate with cherries and liquor to create a decadent post-dinner treat.

Now that your belly is full, it’s time to go exploring! If you like to go fast and furious – or just like cars – Stuttgart has you covered. The city is home to both the Mercedes Benz and Porsche museums. Not only do these galleries display the fine cars themselves, but also the engineering breakthroughs that went into making them. Much of Stuttgart is equally as modern as these museums. During WWII, close to 60% of the city was destroyed, which caused a massive rebuilding effort. Due to this, many places like the Staatstheater cultural center, Staatsgalerie museum, and Liederhalle are contemporary structures that push Stuttgart culture firmly into present day. Be sure to check them out, both for the architecture and the interesting exhibits inside.

Finally, if you’re keen to travel, studying abroad in Stuttgart might be a perfect option for you. The city’s position in the southwest region of Germany is to your advantage. Why limit your travel adventure when a whole region awaits? Switzerland, France, Austria, and the Czech Republic could all be prime locations for a weekend getaway. Stuttgart is home to its own airport and connected to Germany’s highly developed train system. Getting around could be a snap!

Finding a Perfect Study Abroad in Stuttgart Program

Sold on Stuttgart? Finding which of the study abroad programs in Stuttgart is best for you could be as easy a scrolling down this page! Browse the list of link below to see some options for studying in Stuttgart. If you’ve found one that addresses your educational goals, you could request more information by clicking through the link. Or, if you’re ready to apply, head over to the program’s official site. Adventure and memories (and academics!) could be waiting for you, nestled in the idyllic streets of Stuttgart!


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